Safety training for BHOS students conducted at SOCAR

          Students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) took part in a training on safety rules and procedures for the personnel working at stationary marine platforms and floating drilling installations. Some 128 first-year Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Process Automation Engineering students joined the training held at Human Life Offshore Protection Training Center under SOCAR’s Education, Training and Certification Department.


          The training conducted from January 11 to 19, 2017, was aimed at the students’ briefing and basic training on safety for stationary offshore platforms and floating drilling installations. In the course of theoretical lectures of the course, the students learned about occupational health and safety rules during sea operations and acquired specific skills, which they demonstrated during the practical lessons. The students were also acquainted with fire protection procedures and usage of fire-extinguishing equipment. In addition, they attended swimming lessons.


          The training is organized in accordance with an agreement concluded between BHOS and SOCAR’s Education, Training and Certification Center, and in line with standards and requirements of international conventions signed by Azerbaijan.